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About me

My career goal is to excel in my position, to encourage a fair and disciplined work environment and to contribute all my learning and experience from my previous positions.
My set goals are to develop my skills and apply my learning in a productive manner to my new position.
I have a determination and personal energy that empowers my life by not only enriching me, but others as well. I do believe that I can offer a lot to the company, should I be given the opportunity.
For 10 years I worked as Casino Dealer, my responsibilities were:
1. Conduct gambling tables, like American Roulette, Baccarat Dealer or cards, in gambling establishment
2. Exchange paper currency for playing chips or coin money
3. Ensure that wagers are placed before cards are dealt, or roulette wheel is spun
4. Announce the winning number or color to players
5. Compute payable odds to pay winning bets
6. Pays winning bets collects losing bets
I am sure that my success rests on my power to achieve and along with my interpersonal skills in managing networks, adapting to change and recognising my organisation’s strategic imperatives.
In line with my self-development I do believe that I have what this position requires.
I hope that my application meets with your approval.

Kindly see my Curriculum Vitae for further details.


  • Production Management Institute of Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd

    Certificate in Production Management (NQF) Level 5

    • Financial Management I • Human Resource Management I • Information Technology I • Logistics Management I • Production Management I • Quality Management I • Applied Mathematics I • Integrated Application Project I

  • Boston City Campus & Business College

    Technical Financial Accounting CTFAIcb (SA)

    • Junior Bookkeeper: Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (ICBA) • Junior Bookkeeper: Payroll & Monthly SARS Returns (ICBA) • Senior Bookkeeper: Financial Statements (ICBA) • Senior Bookkeeper: Cost and Man Accounting (ICBA) • Technical Financial Accounting: Income Tax returns (ICBA) • Technical Financial Accounting: Business Law & Accounting Control (ICBA) • Technical Financial Accounting: Business literacy: • English and Mathematics (ICBA)

  • Ekurhuleni Artisans and Skills Training Centre

    Semi-Skilled Mechanical Engineering Fitting Certificate

    The following practical components were covered during the course:  Safety  Hand Tools  Power Tools  Identifying of Material  Marking of Material  Shield Metal Arc Welding  Calculations  Water Pump  Dial Test Indicator  Bearings  V-Belt and Sprocket Chain

  • Khaya-Lethu Secondary School

    Senior Certificate - Grade 12

    English HG Afrikaans HG Setswana HG Physical Science SG Biology HG & Mathematics SG

  • Casino National Training School and Employment Agency

    Dealer Certificate

    Roulette & BlackJack


  • 2023 - Present
    Monte Casino (Shupple-Up Paoker)

    Casino Poker Dealer

    I verify the amount of bets and raises players, collect folded hands, maintain side pots, and read player’s hands at showdown to identify the winner or winners.

  • 2001 - 2011
    Emperors Palace Casino

    Casino Dealer/Inspector

    Continuation of tables games from receiving cash from patrons to clearing layout.
    Continuous communication between patron and dealer. ConQirmation of large buy-ins and payouts, and irregularities with inspector.
    Assisted as dealer/inspector when staff shortages.
    Exercised my ability as tables supervisor/inspector with accurate payouts, table opening and closing and dealer supervision.
    Assisted patrons by explaining gaming rules and acquiring new players. Essential communication with Pit Manager/ Casino manager in games management and security protocols.
    Effective control of rowdy patrons.



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