Find out more about our services and the areas we specialise in, Recruitment staff and Consultation Gambling Business. With nearly 7 years experience in international recruitment, 26 years in casino business, we provided professional services for European, Asian, African casinos and gambling Clubs.
We are not limited to personnel and company consulting. Our partners, in collaboration with us, have provided high-level equipment for many casinos.
Trust the professional and you will get the expected result.



We offer a solution for employers. On our site there is no registration system for job seekers. This increases the trust on the part of the users and makes site visits more convenient. In order for your vacancies to become available to interested candidates, the site has a system of Push Notification. After publishing on our website, your vacancy will automatically become available in FB, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter. the total number of subscribers to our accounts is more than 50 000 candidates from all over the world.

If necessary, a separate page will be created for your company, where you can set a visiting rule, determine the candidates from which countries you are interested.

Our site publishes jobs from around the world. Our employees select the best vacancies and publish only from trusted companies and employers. Division vacancies between regions. You can view any region and send your resume to the employers.

Pus Notification
In the left corner of the site there is a button for subscriptions to see about vacancies. To subscribe, you need to click on it and you will receive a notification on your phone a minute after the new publication.

You can also unsubscribe using the same button with one click

For those who attend events. We create a separate page for your company. On the page you will be able to offer hot suggestions for upcoming events. All of your subscribers receive a notification on their mobile phone and will be able to give their consent in one click. We are trying to make this process more convenient. We will take any of your advice and implement it.

IThe site publishes equipment and furniture for the casino. After registration, the developers of equipment and furniture for the casino, post their products on the website indicating contacts.