For the convenience of our subscribers, the site design has been changed and new functions have been introduced. We tried to create the most convenient service,  paid and free services. These services give you the opportunity to test the work of the site and hire several employees for your casino for free. If free services are not enough, then for a symbolic amount you can get the most convenient service and you can get help from the team of our website.

We made a decision that the first 5 registered employers who will purchase a package and start using the services of our site, receive the next package of services for free.

If you buy “5 CV View” Package 30 $ we will provide “10 CV View” Package for 50 $

If you buy “SILVER” Package 50 $ we will provide “GOLD” Package for 200 $

If you buy “COLD” Package 200 $ we will provide “Premium” Package for 300 $

If you buy “PREMIUM” Package 300 $ we will provide “PRO (All in one)” Package for 500 $

Our team will ask you to understand and treat all faults and contact us if you have any problems.

feel free if you have any questions


3 $

1 CV View


5 CV View

30 $

10 CV View

50 $


50 $


200 $


300 $

PRO (all in one)

500 $